Commit 4812b87b authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Fixed typos and cleaned up logging

parent 14f40eba
......@@ -1403,15 +1403,19 @@ sub _session_tick
# Unset conflict state
# Add to change queue
$globals->{'PoolMemberChangeQueue'}->{$poolMember->{'ID'}} = $poolMember;
$globals->{'PoolMemberChangeQueue'}->{$cPoolMember->{'ID'}} = $cPoolMember;
$logger->log(LOG_NOTICE,"[CONFIGMANAGER] IP '%s' is no longer conflicted, removing conflict from ".
"pool '%s' member '%s' [%s]",
"pool '%s' member '%s' [%s], was conflicted with pool '%s' member '%s' [%s]",
} else {
# Loop wiht conflicts and build some log items to use
my @logItems;
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