Commit 497481d6 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Removed duplicate assignment of $pool

parent 873c837d
......@@ -565,12 +565,6 @@ sub _session_poolmember_add
my $ip3 = $components[2];
my $ip4 = $components[3];
my $pool;
if (!defined($pool = getPool($poolMember->{'PoolID'}))) {
$logger->log(LOG_ERR,"[TC] Shaper 'poolmember_add' event with invalid PoolID");
# Grab some variables we going to need below
my $txInterfaceID = getPoolTxInterface($pool->{'ID'});
my $rxInterfaceID = getPoolRxInterface($pool->{'ID'});
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