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Added info on how to re-submit changes

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......@@ -74,4 +74,30 @@ Using the web interface you can then create a merge request:
* Click on your repository, click "Create Merge Request"
* Select the repository and branch on the top left and top right
* Type in a description of your changes
* Click "Submit merge request"
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* Click "Submit merge request"
## Post-Review Changes
If you get comments on your code and you need to make changes to the branch merge request, its really easy to do.
### Fixing Your Code
Go through each comment one by one and commit the fixes as required.
### Squashing Your Commits
You do NOT want to submit 20,000 commits, squashing will take all the changes and squash them into 1 commit. Replace X with how many extra comments you made PLUS 1 to include your original commit.
git rebase -i HEAD~X
You will be presented with a list of commits. Replace `pick` with `s` on all but your original commit. The next step will present you with a commit message with all your commit messages included for edit.
### Re-Submitting
You can now re-submit your changes by forcing a ref update...
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