Commit 79088b67 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard

Update to using KWallet5

parent eec01dbe
......@@ -350,13 +350,13 @@ my ($kwalletObject,$kwalletHandle);
# Grab the kwallet service off DBus
my $kwalletService;
eval {
$kwalletService = $dbus->get_service('org.kde.kwalletd');
$kwalletService = $dbus->get_service('org.kde.kwalletd5');
if (!defined($kwalletService)) {
logger('WARNING',color('magenta')."Kwallet not found on DBus".color('reset'));
$kwalletObject = $kwalletService->get_object('/modules/kwalletd','org.kde.KWallet');
$kwalletObject = $kwalletService->get_object('/modules/kwalletd5','org.kde.KWallet');
# Grab a handle to the network wallet
my $networkWalletName = $kwalletObject->networkWallet();
$kwalletHandle = $kwalletObject->open($networkWalletName,0,$NAME);
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