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Merge branch 'add-debug' into 'master'

Add --debug

See merge request !47
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......@@ -95,6 +95,10 @@ C<awit-ssh> provides the below commandline options...
Display version information.
=head2 --debug
Enable debug output.
=head2 --forward-agent
Forward the ssh-agent socket.
......@@ -119,7 +123,6 @@ GetOptions(\%optctl,
# TODO: debug is not implemented, make sure displayHelp is updated
# TODO: Improve globbing before adding it to displayHelp
......@@ -587,6 +590,11 @@ if (defined($pkcsProvider) && $pkcsProvider ne "") {
print STDERR "\n";
# If we're in debug mode set ssh to be verbose
if (defined($optctl{'debug'})) {
# Notify user we'll be forwarding his authentication agent
if (defined($optctl{'forward-agent'})) {
logger('NOTICE',color('red')."Forwarding authentication agent!".color('reset'));
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