Commit 5c7e6fd8 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Revert "Added Error Highlighting fo NON K&R style as well as spaces before and...

Revert "Added Error Highlighting fo NON K&R style as well as spaces before and after control struct condition brackets"

This reverts commit cae6096f.

This commit breaks other programming languages when splitting control structures over multiple lines.
parent 23e88257
......@@ -44,17 +44,11 @@ highlight CursorLine cterm=none ctermbg=235
set cursorline
" Highlight messed up tab/spaces
highlight HighlightProblems ctermbg=202
call matchadd('HighlightProblems',' \t')
call matchadd('HighlightProblems','\t ')
call matchadd('HighlightProblems','^ ')
call matchadd('HighlightProblems','\s\+$')
" Highlight NON K&R style control structures
call matchadd('HighlightProblems','^\s*\(foreach\|while\|do\|for\|if\|else\).*[^\{]\s*$')
" Highlight missing space BEFORE control struct and opening (
call matchadd('HighlightProblems','^\s*\(foreach\|while\|do\|for\|if\|else\)(')
" Highlight missing space AFTER control struct and opening (
call matchadd('HighlightProblems','^\s*\(foreach\|while\|do\|for\|if\|else\).*){')
highlight ExtraWhitespaces ctermbg=202
call matchadd('ExtraWhitespaces',' \t')
call matchadd('ExtraWhitespaces','\t ')
call matchadd('ExtraWhitespaces','^ ')
call matchadd('ExtraWhitespaces','\s\+$')
" Don't use backup files
set nobackup
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