Commit 9bb6cdfc authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Updated vim modules

parent 322375ea
neocomplete.vim @ 4be61794
Subproject commit aaa1f08b06bfcc2a329dba12a37ce8e1578636bd
Subproject commit 4be617947f3fcf2d725fab20b0e12f8b46c9e2f3
neosnippet @ 8cf286e3
Subproject commit e619d43571a675057461f29f2c039dab64728f32
Subproject commit 8cf286e3bf7a5fc859f4c5f1bef52c351f24fefa
vim-airline @ a76f523b
Subproject commit cdc6d98a09db60d3dda58815616f78338cbdaa9d
Subproject commit a76f523be5a2f61aa7945f52aa65de227eccf902
vim-fugitive @ 40d78f07
Subproject commit b319b694539017dcd789dc2c42f784a30d7b28b8
Subproject commit 40d78f07dee2ffab68abb9d6d1a9e27843df0fe0
vim-gitgutter @ 5481318f
Subproject commit fe10e6474d70c382edcda84dc6bcd6fcd575a6c5
Subproject commit 5481318fc1b97e7c04eab5496ec45c63335d6bc1
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