Commit ccd17023 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Updated plugins

parent a89ee05f
neosnippet-snippets @ a34e67d4
Subproject commit a34e67d4b3f91bf2320cd7ce1e85bbd300c6095e
syntastic @ d31e270c
Subproject commit d31e270cc8affc6338a9ed44e2efcaec0ca4cd34
vim-airline @ c4a4a20b
Subproject commit a76f523be5a2f61aa7945f52aa65de227eccf902
Subproject commit c4a4a20b8d0f0e2b5965593207bb331e1ac19541
vim-gitgutter @ ad25925f
Subproject commit 5481318fc1b97e7c04eab5496ec45c63335d6bc1
Subproject commit ad25925f1ec8790a3b0532c367c40470342d73fb
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