Commit ccf1d99d authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Output system base dirs if we excluding data/system

If we're excluding any data or system dirs we want to see what the
system base dirs are in the output.
parent 8b756956
...@@ -1025,9 +1025,12 @@ sub backup ...@@ -1025,9 +1025,12 @@ sub backup
printLog(LOG_NOTICE,"BACKUP START: $source => $dest\n"); printLog(LOG_NOTICE,"BACKUP START: $source => $dest\n");
printLog(LOG_INFO,"Compression: ".$config{'compress'}." [".$config{'compress-'.$config{'compress'}}."]\n"); printLog(LOG_INFO,"Compression: ".$config{'compress'}." [".$config{'compress-'.$config{'compress'}}."]\n");
# Should we output the system base dirs? we do if we excluding anything
if ($config{'exclude-system'} || $config{'exclude-data'}) {
printLog(LOG_NOTICE,"Exclude System Base: ".join(", ",@{$config{'system-base'}})."\n");
# Check if we excluding system files # Check if we excluding system files
if ($config{'exclude-system'}) { if ($config{'exclude-system'}) {
printLog(LOG_NOTICE,"Exclude System Base: ".join(", ",@{$config{'system-base'}})."\n");
printLog(LOG_NOTICE,"Exclude System Dirs: ".join(", ",@defaultSystemExcl,@{$config{'system-dir'}})."\n"); printLog(LOG_NOTICE,"Exclude System Dirs: ".join(", ",@defaultSystemExcl,@{$config{'system-dir'}})."\n");
} }
# If we excluding data too... # If we excluding data too...
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