Commit 60e2a1b0 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Better undef reporting in _set and _get of DataObj

parent 1fff4b97
......@@ -1576,7 +1576,7 @@ warn sprintf(" - THIS IS A RELATION '%s' [%s => %s] ",$property->{'name'},$rel
$self->_log(DATAOBJ_LOG_DEBUG,"Property '%s' set to '%s'",$property->{'name'},$value);
$self->_log(DATAOBJ_LOG_DEBUG,"Property '%s' set to %s",$property->{'name'},defined($value) ? "'$value'" : '-undef-');
$self->{'_data'}->{$property->{'name'}} = $value;
return $self;
......@@ -1593,7 +1593,7 @@ sub _get
# No matter what the case, we will still find our property
if (my $property = $self->_propertyByName($propertyName)) {
my $value = $self->{'_data'}->{$property->{'name'}};
$self->_log(DATAOBJ_LOG_DEBUG,"Property '%s' retrieved value '%s'",$propertyName,prettyUndef($value));
$self->_log(DATAOBJ_LOG_DEBUG,"Property '%s' retrieved value %s",$propertyName,defined($value) ? "'$value'" : '-undef-');
return $value;
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