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......@@ -78,8 +78,44 @@ BWM Tools is a set of userspace utilities, no kernel patches are required.
As long as your iptables supports the @option{-j QUEUE} target, traffic
shaping will work.
* Features::BWM Tools Features
@end menu
@node Features
@section BWM Tools Features
@cindex features
This section lists a few features which make BWM Tools a good solution
for small to large enterprises@dots{}
@item Traffic Shaping
@item Hierarchical flows
Allows you to embed flows within flows to form complex traffic shaping rules.
@item Parent burst thresholds
Parent burst thresholds allow child flows to burst until their parent flow
has reached a specific utilization threshold.
@end itemize
@item Graphing
@item RRD Tool file support
Generation of rrdtool files which can be used to create custom graphs.
@item Builtin RRD Tool graphing support
BWM Tools can generate pretty looking graphs all by itself. Parameters for
graphing are discussed in the Graphing section.
@end itemize
@item Logging
@item Logging of traffic
BWM Tools logs can log traffic stats to file at pre-defined intervals
for use in reporting or graphing.
@end itemize
@end itemize
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