Commit e7e6f076 authored by Charl's avatar Charl

setting content length to 0 for HTTP 1.1 redirects closes issue #2

parent 6cb21c0a
......@@ -460,10 +460,11 @@ sub _build_raw_response
if (!defined($response->header("Server"))) {
$response->push_header("Server","POE Hybrid HTTP Server v$VERSION");
# Set our content Length
if (my $length = length($response->content)) {
# Set our content length
# - This is required even if the content length is 0, for instance when we doing a REDIRECT with no content some browsers hang if
# - there is no content length set.
# Setup our output
my $output = sprintf("%s %s",$self->{'protocol'},$response->status_line);
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