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......@@ -1793,75 +1793,51 @@ our $VERSION = "1.1.4";
C<awit-certmaster> provides the below commandline options...
=head2 --help|?
Display this help information.
=head2 --version
Display version information.
=head2 --nginx <CERT OPTIONS>
Process nginx configuration and generate certificates.
=head2 --apache <CERT OPTIONS>
Process apache configuration and generate certificates.
=head2 --quiet
Operate in quiet mode and only output logs if there was an warning or worse error.
The following certificate operations are available for each server type above.
=head2 --check-only
Only check if certificates need to be re-issued.
=head2 --force=<DOMAIN>
Force generation of certificate for <DOMAIN>. This option can be specified multiple times.
=head2 --force-verfity=<DOMAIN>
Force verification of domain with certificate provider. This option can be specified multiple times.
=head2 --live
Run in LIVE mode. By default awit-certmaster runs in TEST mode.
=head2 --only=<DOMAIN>
ONLY process domain <DOMAIN> and none of the others. This option can be specified multiple times.
=head2 --use-dns=<DOMAIN>
Use DNS validation method for domain and not HTTP. THIS OPTION CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK.
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