Commit 4277ab02 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Fixed attribute names

parent c7598993
......@@ -114,15 +114,15 @@ class ConfigSystemdNetworkd(Plugin):
# Check if we have IP addresses
if 'ipv4address' in config:
network_file.write(f'address=%s\n' % config['ipv4address'])
network_file.write(f'Address=%s\n' % config['ipv4address'])
if 'ipv6address' in config:
network_file.write(f'address=%s\n' % config['ipv6address'])
network_file.write(f'Address=%s\n' % config['ipv6address'])
# Check if we have gateways
if 'ipv4gateway' in config:
network_file.write(f'gateway=%s\n' % config['ipv4gateway'])
network_file.write(f'Gateway=%s\n' % config['ipv4gateway'])
if 'ipv6gateway' in config:
network_file.write(f'gateway=%s\n' % config['ipv6gateway'])
network_file.write(f'Gateway=%s\n' % config['ipv6gateway'])
# Check if we have DNS servers
if 'dns1address' in config:
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