Commit 13594f4f authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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* Fixed logging when module logging is not enabled

parent d231fa5a
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ sub init {
# Do our check
sub check {
my ($server,$sessionData) = @_;
my $log = defined($server->{'config'}{'logging'}{'modules'});
# If we not enabled, don't do anything
return CBP_SKIP if (!$config{'enable'});
......@@ -199,11 +200,11 @@ sub check {
$server->log(LOG_ERR,"[CHECKHELO] Database query failed: ".cbp::dblayer::Error().", data: ".Dumper($sessionData));
return $server->protocol_response(PROTO_DB_ERROR);
$server->log(LOG_DEBUG,"[CHECKHELO] Recorded helo '".$sessionData->{'Helo'}."' from address '".$sessionData->{'ClientAddress'}."'");
$server->log(LOG_DEBUG,"[CHECKHELO] Recorded helo '".$sessionData->{'Helo'}."' from address '".$sessionData->{'ClientAddress'}."'") if ($log);
# And just a bit of debug
} else {
$server->log(LOG_DEBUG,"[CHECKHELO] Updated timestamp for helo '".$sessionData->{'Helo'}."' from address '".
$sessionData->{'ClientAddress'}."'") if ($log);
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