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Updated INSTALL file with more detailed requirements

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Installing Policyd v2.
* Requirements for Policyd v2
Note: For CentOS you will need to use RPMForge repositories.
- MySQL or PostgreSQL or SQLite
Debian based: mysql-server
RPM based: mysql-server
- Net::Server >= 0.96
Debian based: libnet-server-perl
RPM based: perl-Net-Server
- Net::CIDR
- Config::IniFiles (Debian based: libconfig-inifiles-perl, RPM based: perl-Config-IniFiles)
- Cache::FastMmap (Debian based: libcache-fastmmap-perl, RPM based: perl-Cache-FastMmap)
Debian based: libnet-cidr-perl
RPM based: perl-Net-CIDR
- Net::DNS
Debian based: libnet-dns-perl
RPM based: perl-Net-DNS
- Config::IniFiles
Debian based: libconfig-inifiles-perl
RPM based: perl-Config-IniFiles
- Cache::FastMmap
Debian based: libcache-fastmmap-perl
RPM based: perl-Cache-FastMmap
Debian based: ?
RPM based: perl-DBI
- Mail::SPF (Required for CheckSPF module)
Debian based: libmail-spf-perl
- Date::Parse (TimeDate)
RPM based: perl-TimeDate
* Requirements for webui
- PHP v5+ (compiled with PDO support for your DB)
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