Commit 63733eaf authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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* Tagged v2.0.5

parent dda0a33c
* Updated links in pages to new website urls
* Clarified that policy priorities are prcessed in an ascending fashion, 0 being highest priority (first), 100 being the lowest (last).
* Check the return codes from removing database entries more carefully
* Fixed error message when deleting policies
* Fixed use of short PHP tags <? with <?php
* Backported SASL username opiton in webui
* Better loadable module handling for cbpadmin
* Fixed module logging in main cbpolicyd server
* Announce the version of policyd we're using when starting up
* Backported support for reverse DNS policies
* Fixed logging when Quotas which are not matched
* Fixed logging of verdict in quotas module
* no_quota should read no_verdict in Quotas module
* Fixed typo on 'size'
* Fixed typo in debug message
* Fixed bug where end-of-data state was not being processed
* Fixed stray comma
* Fixed bug in Quotas module where if all limits were disabled a temporary 450 result was generated
* Added comment with mysql DB config in to amavisd-policyd integration module
* Add more debugging info to amavisd module so we can catch the received line if its not parsable
* Removed stray file
* Backported database portability fixes from trunk
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ our (@ISA,@EXPORT,@EXPORT_OK);
use constant {
VERSION => "2.0.5a",
VERSION => "2.0.5",
# vim: ts=4
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