Commit fd22c11d authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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* Fixed bug when handling style reverse dns names

parent 45db7b43
......@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ sub policySourceItemMatches
$server->log(LOG_DEBUG,"[POLICIES] $debugTxt: - Resolved source '$item' to a email address specification, match = $res") if ($log);
# Match domain name (for reverse dns)
} elsif ($item =~ /^(?:[a-z0-9\-_\*]+\.)+[a-z0-9]+$/i) {
} elsif ($item =~ /^\.?(?:[a-z0-9\-_\*]+\.)+[a-z0-9]+$/i) {
$res = reverseDNSMatches($sessionData->{'ClientReverseName'},$item);
$server->log(LOG_DEBUG,"[POLICIES] $debugTxt: - Resolved source '$item' to a reverse dns specification, match = $res") if ($log);
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