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# Requirements
* oh-my-zsh
* zsh-syntax-highlighting
* powerlevel9k
# Installing
# Checkout and initialize repository
cd ~
git clone ssh:// .zsh
cd .zsh
git submodule update --recursive --init
cd ..
# Activate ZSH
ln -s .zsh/zshrc .zshrc
......@@ -30,19 +33,7 @@ Customizing can be done by adding files to ~/.zsh/zshrc_local.d/ directory and e
If you have something awesome to contribute, please consider adding it to zshrc.d/.
# Oh My Zsh
This is updated by running
cd oh-my-zsh
git pull
cd ..
cd powerlevel9k
git pull
cd ..
cd zsh-syntax-highlighting
git pull
cd ..
# Updating
The fonts/ is a download of the complete fonts in
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