Commit fc362357 authored by Nigel Kukard's avatar Nigel Kukard
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Merge branch 'sqlfix' into 'master'

Fixed SQL syntax error in invoicing core class

See merge request !26
parents 976f7523 b73d47e2
......@@ -353,9 +353,9 @@ sub getInvoiceItems
invoice_items.ID, invoice_items.SerialNumber, invoice_items.InventoryID, invoice_items.Description,
invoice_items.Quantity, invoice_items.Unit, invoice_items.UnitPrice, invoice_items.Price,
invoice_items.Discount, invoice_items.DiscountAmount, invoice_items.TaxMode, invoice_items.TaxRate,
inventory.Code AS InventoryCode,
inventory.Code AS InventoryCode
invoice_items, inventory
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